REQUAPASS project in a few words

REQUAPASS is a project carried by popular education organisations in France and Belgium. They are involved in common projects to value and promote the experiences of volunteers who are bringing social life upon our territories.

This is a 4 years long project whose means is not only to create common tools and methods to help voluntary organisation involvement, but also create better knowledges of these involvements. In this way, they will be more fulfilling and inclusive for personal, social and professional lives of volunteers.

Our work is divided in three complementary parts including as much public as possible:

  • To highlight and recognize the value of skills used by volunteers: voluntary work is a real mean for personal, social and professional development. It provides new opportunities for any volunteer to acquire new skills, autonomy, meet with people and give them a sense of fulfilment. Skills developed in the non-profit sector are still too little identified and valued, whereas they are relevant and considered as transferable skills.
  • To teach the non-profit sector present and future actors : there is training programmes for volunteers but they are still too little recognised and well-known. REQUAPASS is creating different options to understand the variety and issues of the non-profit cross-border sector. It enables not only volunteers to have a grasp of the links between the non-profit organisations and the Economie Sociale et Solidaire (ESS), but also enables present and future volunteers to be trained in inspiring, qualifying, certifiable and intercultural matters.
  • Better knowledges of the cross-border territories to highlight common issues with the non-profit sector experiences qualification. Multiple-choice questionnaires, analysis, regular barometers will enable the project partners to enhance volunteers experiences through life experiences, non-profit organisations and multi-sectorial stakeholders.


Non-profit organisation involvement of people isn’t to stop by the border. That’s why the REQUAPASS project supports not only meetings between Belgian and French non-profit organisation stakeholders, but also good practices exchanges between people interested in volunteering promotion.


The Project’s Stakeholders

The REQUAPASS project is leaded by La Maison des Associations de Tourcoing, la Maison pour Associations de Charleroi, la Maison des Associations de Roubaix and the non-profit organisation Interphaz Centre Europe Direct of Lille Métropole. They are supported but local skakeholders and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) within the cross-border program INTERREG France-Wallonia-Vlaanderen.


More information :

Agathe Defretin, project manager,


0033 (0)320 267 238